Sunday, June 15, 2014 update!

Wow-I guess it goes without saying that it was time for me to post on this much-neglected blog! So much has happened since I last posted.

As you know if you have followed our story, we were in process to adopt our beautiful Ana Faith from Russia--we had spent 4 wonderful days visiting her in September of 2012--when Russia enacted an adoption ban on all American adoptions. The ban went into effect on January 1, 2013. Our hearts were broken and we spent 2013 doing anything we could to hold onto hope. We worked through several avenues to try to bring her home-without any success.

We love this little girl so very much. I can close my eyes and still smell her newly-bathed-soapy smell. I smile when I think of the time she finally laid her head on my shoulder. I am often taken back to the wonder she had as she looked into her Daddy's eyes and played with his mustache; and I am still amazed at their almost instant connection.

Ana Faith is still in her orphanage in Russia. Our hearts still long for her and for the chance to watch her grow--to be her Mama and Papa. But for reasons that we will never understand in this life, that has not happened.

There were so many dark moments for us in 2013. We hurt to our very core-a pain that there are no words to describe. Had we heard God wrong? Why had we not gotten our paperwork done more quickly? Maybe she would be home if we had done things differently. The five steps from my bed to the shower were akin to walking through wet concrete in lead boots most mornings. The pain was suffocating. The grief was overwhelming and distracting.

Our God is faithful. He sustains, encourages, leads and heals. Our hearts began to heal and He began to give us hope. Pure hope that only He can give.

We had no idea what our next step was to be, but in late December, 2013,God gave us a "release" from Russia. We love Ana. We still have great hope that adoptions will open up one day. We do NOT have answers about why all of this happened, but we have peace.

God healed just enough to open our hearts to another child. We are thrilled to now be in process for a little beauty from Asia. She is 5, has Down Syndrome, and is just a lovely little girl. We look forward to  bringing this precious one into our family!

We cherish your prayers as we continue to heal and as we pursue our beautiful Asian daughter!

You can see a sneak preview at:

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