Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's all about HIM

Our blog has been silent for a while, but for good reason. I would really like to post every day about how I am feeling, the progress we are making, setbacks and victories,etc. I think the time will come for that,
but God has led me in recent weeks to be silent. He has led me to simply talk to Him. (Rob and I continue to move forward with our home study, and will be having our home visit this month).

This process certainly is a walk of daily faith. I think what I have learned during this most recent time is that this adoption is really not at all about Rob and I. It is not about the fact that we have parented two typical children and one special needs child. It's not about sacrifices we are making or will make in the future. It is not about our character, our gifts, how we have been equipped, or even our faith. It is simply about our God. 

Our God is eternal. He was, and He is, and He is to come. Eternity is really out there. And, eternity is really right here, right now.  That is it--when we have given our eternity to Christ, then He desires for us to live in that eternity right now. So, that is why this is not about us. 

He has asked us to give up our plans for our tomorrows and surrender to His plan for our tomorrows. He has called, and we have answered. Surrendering to Him, I find, is peacefully uncomfortable! 


  1. Beautifully told, beautifully lived and what power there is in surrender. I read recently someone say, I would rather be uncomfortable in the midst of His will, than comfortable in the middle of mine. May the Lord continue to position you, prepare you and yours and provide for what He has planned. Thank you for the update and thinking and praying for you all.

  2. Hi Donna, I finally found your blog. I will continue to pray for you and your family as you are on this beautiful journey for this precious girl!! Thank you for sharing your heart and your family with us!
    Kim Summons

  3. Hi Donna! I wanted to take a second to drop you a quick note. I am so elated to see that Ana is coming home to you! Last July, my daughter, who has Ds celebrated her 4th birthday. She didn't need any more material things, and so for her birthday, we chose to sponsor a child on RR. I knew that for those little ones, that 4th birthday was often the beginning of the end, and so we looked at little girls who would also be turning 4. Ana was one of the little girls whose birthday was also July 2007, and so we selected her. In lieu of gifts for my daughter, our friends, family, and church made donations in her name to Ana's account. In the grand scheme of what it will cost to bring her home, I know we barely made a dent. But I am happy that you have made a commitment to her and that she is on her way to you! Please keep me updated on fundraising activities, and I will use my blog and my voice to help in any way I can.

    I am literally sobbing at work, but it is a joyful thing. I am so happy for your family, and for sweet little Ana!!!

    xo, Muttering Mama {http://www.mutteringmama.blogspot.com/search/label/Anastasia}

  4. Donna -
    I am so very excited to read your blog and know that God is great at putting families together in ways that amaze us. My family also prayed and asked to be Ana's family. We were told "no" by God but still love this little girl and many of our family members now have Christmas Ornaments with her picture on it. Our story coincides with yours - as far as timing goes and it is really great to see how God worked in both our families to help Ana find hers.
    We were praying about adopting Ana in the fall of 2011.
    We asked her agency for more information late Oct, early Nov
    We got a little bit of info about her in late Nov. (and her new picture became available)
    God kept us from committing to her, but in lieu of Christmas presents our family added to her adoption fund.
    Now I have read your blog and am SO EXCITED for your family and for Ana.
    Thank you for hosting this blog and sharing your family's story.
    Much love and prayers to all of you,