Saturday, June 9, 2012

Please, please pray for our little girl.

It is past midnight on Saturday night (Sunday morning) and we just received some very difficult news. We have some new information regarding the area where A lives and it seems that the month that children in this area turn 4 years old, they are immediately transferred to an institution. Since A is going to be 5 next month, it looks like she has been in an institution for almost a year now. Recently another family visited their new daughter in this institution. (Their daughter is beautiful! And better yet, seemed well taken care of). However, it seems that the children who do not walk are cared for very differently here. We now have good reason to believe that she is confined to a crib and very neglected. Our hearts are hurting tonight. We certainly had not pictured that she was in a wonderful place, but we were hopeful that things were not as horrible for her as it most certainly looks like they are. Will you please pray urgently with us? There are seven things listed, so if you cannot pray for all, maybe you could choose one to pray for each day of the week? We so need your prayers.
  • Pray that God will sustain A's life until we can get there. Pray that somehow, her little body   will be sustained and she will not have organ damage.
  • Pray that A will find favor with her caregivers and that they will feed her adequately, give her kind attention and loving touch. 
  • Pray that missionaries will be led to her and will love on her this summer.
  • Pray that she will somehow, in God's power, be moved to a good environment. 
  • Pray that our paperwork will be expedited and found favorable in her country and they will grant us a QUICK travel date. Pray that the officials would make an unheard of exception to the rules and help us get her home sooner than the rules would normally allow. (I felt clearly led to pray this way tonight when Rob and I prayed over this new information--Our God can do anything).     
  • Pray for God's provision for the rest of the needs of this adoption to be met. 
  • Pray for God's mighty Holy Spirit to hover over her and minister to her in the supernatural way that only He can.
Thank you to all of you who will stand with us as we call on our Almighty, All Powerful, All Knowing and Ever Present God to save this little girl's life.


  1. I am praying for Beautiful A. I'm pleading with the God who knit her together in her mother's womb. Praying for you guys too as you WAIT. OH MY

  2. Donna, what scary news! I will certainly pray for A and your family. Just remember that he takes care of even the sparrows, so he is watching out for her, too.

  3. Praying for your sweet A. My heart is so sad to hear that news and I know your hearts must be breaking.Knowing that we serve a God who does the impossible we are standing, believing and praying for her and the request above. Trusting Him in the midst of circumstances and praying peace for your family and hearts in this process.

  4. I will be praying for His/your precious daughter!

  5. Praying!!! Soo weird that you mentioned "an exception to the rule." I too have been lead to pray that these past few days. Our God is awesome!!


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  7. our God can do anything, praying things change and she is taken care of

  8. your little girls picture was right below our Anya (now home for 9 mths) when we first saw her on RR....because of this, I always scrolled to her and saw her face and it hurt so bad to know that she still did not have a family. Was so excited to hear that she now does, but know you must be worried about the news you have received....I am praying that God will keep her safe and that your adoption process is put in high speed. In Jesus Name. Amen.