Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 2 and 3

Day two began with A's "Baba" bringing her to us, once again carrying her like a little sack of potatoes!  She doesn't seem to mind at all being carried like this, but it is quite a sight to see her facing forward, with those long skinny legs hanging down! I don't think she gets out of her room a lot, and she was certainly wide-eyed today as she took in her surroundings!

Fun things about our second visit:

  • Sweet A smelled so good!  I mean, she had recently had a bath, and she smelled all "soapy." There is nothing better than a clean baby! Her outfit was interesting to say the least, but she sure smelled good!
  • We brought a little ball on our visit today. It was a cheap ball that we had gotten at the market. (our suitcases--which held more toys--had not yet arrived and we had been there three days at this point) Sweet A LOVED this little ball. It had little grooves in it, and so it was easy for her to grip. She can sure throw a ball!  We have some precious video of her throwing the ball and then laughing as Rob "fetched" the ball.
  • While it was hard saying "goodbye" today, we felt excited because we were only half way through our visits!
God had truly healed my heart and mind. There were no tears on visit two, I simply relaxed and enjoyed her presence. What a sweet little one. Yes, very delayed, and very tiny. But God was with her. So far away, and before we ever knew her, He knew her and loved her. What a God we serve.

We were invited to "tea" with the Orphanage Director and Head Doctor after our visit. These ladies were so hospitable!  As we made our way into what looked like the break room, it was like we were being welcomed into their home. They served us hot tea with honey (from the orphanage's hives) and yummy cakes/cookies. Through our interpreter, they asked us questions about our family (and we proudly showed them pictures of all of our kids) and were genuinely interested in us. I have to say they were absolutely delightful ladies!

Another highlight of day two came when we returned to our hotel. We decided to go and purchase some diapers for the orphanage. On our way, we found a Carl's Junior!  ROB WAS IN HEAVEN as he ate his bacon cheeseburger!  A little taste of home!

Day three brought some concern. It had gotten a bit cooler that day, and rained quite a lot that morning. When we got to the orphanage, it was raining pretty hard. We went to the designated room for our visit, and we noticed a stark difference in Little A today. She was lethargic, and she seemed like she did not feel well. She did not respond like she had on days 1 and 2. I don't know if anyone else has ever experienced this, but when my girls were little and illness was coming on, they had a funny smell to their breath. It almost smelled like rubbing alcohol. I know--weird, but this is how A's breath smelled. We were very concerned and we first asked our interpreter about it. She said it was the weather change. She said that happens with the kids here in EE when the weather changes. Okay--she is a Mom and I trusted her, but I was still concerned. So, I asked  the Head Doctor. She said the same thing--weather change. We enjoyed our visit despite our concerns. Little A drank her juice that we had brought. Actually, she does not know how to drink from a straw, but after some conversation between our interpreter and the doctor, someone brought in a tea cup. I was instructed to pour the juice into the cup. I was intrigued at these instructions. However, I did as I was told!  I gave A the cup and guess what!? She put her little hands around that cup and drank all the juice without spilling a drop!  She slurped loudly (yes we also have video of this) and handed it back to me as if to say "more!" I dutifully poured more in the cup and she drank almost the whole juice box from the cup! Wow--she has some skills we never would have imagined!

Amazing things were happening in our hearts as these days flew by. Rob became more and more confident that we were following God's perfect plan. I realized that it was no accident that we had flown for a total of 17 hours, then driven 2 hours to meet this tiny human being. No accident at all. God was in this--yes, He was and is in every. single. detail.


  1. I am so happy to read another blog from you. So happy things are going well and hope you get your suitcases soon!!

  2. Precious :) I love your updates.