Saturday, June 2, 2012

A bump in the road...

As you drive along most roads, you will encounter bumps along that road. If you have good shocks, you may barely notice the small ones, while the large ones may be no more than just an annoyance.

We have hit a bump in our adoption road. In my humanness, it feels like a huge, steep hill that feels impossible to scale. However, with the power of an Almighty God as our "shocks" we continue to move forward.  He is able and we have watched as He has shown Himself powerful on A's behalf so many times in the past few months. So, we will choose to stand firm in faith and watch to see His amazing power at work!

Will you join us in prayer as we humbly ask Him to work powerfully in this "bump?" He knows our need and He hears His children pray. And besides... He loves this little girl even more than we do. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi, we are older parents just starting the process. I can see how a small bump in the road may seem like a huge hurdle but hopefully all will go smoothly for you from here on. We also have three grown children and one grandchild just one year old. I would really like to help one child outside of our family have a home and love. I hope it happens for us too.